When my husband asked if I would write the forward to The Cellular Healing Diet book, I welcomed the opportunity to share what I know to be true of this information. I have always understood that the most incredible direction comes into the world through adversity and struggle. The reality of what that meant in our life became more than I would have ever imagined. The purpose of his suffering lead to resources that truly improve health and life. This book is one of those resources.

In the fall of 2000, we were moving through life with our 2nd child and all was not well. My husband developed bizarre and unexplainable symptoms that were only explainable in that they were absolutely beyond anything remotely close to what I had experienced with him through a then 10 year relationship. He was suffering from debilitating headaches which laid him out flat until the next day, insomnia which made him fearful of every night and anxiety that accompanied the insomnia as well as fatigue that shrunk his once successful chiropractic business in half. Had it not been for our philosophy of understanding that there is always a cause at the root of every health challenge, I am not sure he (or perhaps even I dealing with him) would have not done what most Americans often do: medicate to cover up the symptoms.

Fortunately though we were solid in our understanding of true health being something that is not always freedom from symptoms, but certainly freedom from disease and while we didn’t know WHAT was wrong, we knew there was an explanation and a solution.

The sporadic times that weren’t consumed by self-examination were times of research. He would search and research for any and all resources that could possibly lead him to answers. While his own answers didn’t come until 3 years later, the information that he acquired and the ability to understand it and retain it built the most amazing resource library that any person would love to have within the confines of their own headspace. He attributes that talent to the coping mechanisms he had to adapt as a result of the dyslexia and learning challenges he had as a child. I attribute it to the call upon his life that God placed there from the beginning of time as He knew he would be the one to take such overlooked and misunderstood information to the masses who have no explanation for their mind/body disconnect.

As if the journey of our life wasn’t enriched enough by him learning a wide and varied range of health processes that have proven time and time again to have added purpose in his patient’s lives, there was another event that may have just have made us both wonder what our lives were really destined for (and not in the hopeful way we forced ourselves to focus against the odds). I had just given birth to our 3rd child, that I was confident was a sign that Danny’s health restoration was fast approaching, when we received a phone call that would change and challenge our lives in a way that even his sickness wasn’t capable of. My cousin Lisa, who was also my best friend, was murdered by her husband the day after Christmas, 2003. Our oldest son was five and Izik was two and a half and Simon was just six weeks old. Lisa has seven year old twins, a boy and a girl. Olivia was an amazing little girl full of personality and independent. Her brother, Dylan, was damaged from the MMR vaccine at the age of four and a long way away from being joyful or independent. He was living in his tortured body without understanding of himself or his challenges. Because of all that my husband learned to regain his own health, he was able to set Dylan in motion to also live again free of the angst that accompanied his days. A once labeled child with a diagnosis of Sensory Integration (an autism spectrum disorder) was released from his IEP within two years and integrated into a normal classroom without learning support at the beginning of third grade.

What you will find within this book are the resources and the diet to help you or someone you know searching for answers and also needing led through the process of health restoration which begins and ends at the cellular level. My husband’s suffering has supplied countless people with hope. The road back to vibrant health is a long one at times, but the direction and understanding of what it takes to fully get there is not in short supply when you are led by my incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate husband, and perhaps your doctor, Dr. Daniel Pompa or one of the doctors he trains.

I encourage you to stay the course. Do not allow your temptation to give up or give in get a foothold. Remember that there is a reason…and a season for your pain. Staying on the right road often takes super-human strength (or so it seems when you are not well), but trusting in The One who has allowed it for a purpose will lead you through it as well. While too many people end up on a journey and making choices that are less than capable of restoring their health, what you will find within this resource is life-saving and life-giving. Proverbs 16:25 says “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.” My husband always quotes Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” Do not be one of the ones that had to lose their life to gain their hope.

Welcome to the truth! I present you my husband’s stamp of endorsement within these pages for your journey back to life!!